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I unleashed the ultimate attack, aimed at Zerey.

「Sixth Sword – Dark Roar!」

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Swinging down the Black Sword, I fired a slash so enormous that it cast a huge shadow on the ground.

The next moment,


A hatred filled wail echoed, and the man, who turned into a ”black lump”, fell into the forest on the outskirts of Orest.

(…But, he’s really strong.)

Even after that attack, Zerey was still moving slightly.

(As expected of a『Demon』, I guess…)

A tenacious body, tremendous resilience, and fearsome endurance – certainly his basic abilities were far beyond us humans.

(But, with that damage, even if I ignore him a little, he wouldn’t get far…)

The safety of Tenshi-sama and everyone else is the top priority now.

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Thus, after splendidly defeating the demon, Zerey Grazario, I started to move to lift the『curse』 cast on everyone.