How much is it long?

How much is it long?

He Desheng hesitated and said, “Boss Pei, I already said that I’m here to learn your profound investment knowledge. As for salary… I wouldn’t mind even if you just give me a token sum.”

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Pei Qian waved his hand. “Just tell me the truth. How much did they pay you?”

He Desheng answered, “About eight thousand yuan. Of course, that was how much I was paid as an investment assistant. As an investment manager…”

Pei Qian interrupted him. “I’ll give you sixteen thousand yuan, with an additional four thousand yuan as a special allowance. Your monthly salary would be twenty thousand yuan.”

He Desheng looked puzzled. “Boss Pei, that’s too much! What’s more, there’s no reason I should receive special allowance.”

Pei Qian patted his shoulder and said, “This is to compensate you for the psychological suffering you will endure while playing games with Boss Ma.”

That weekend, Pei Qian had nothing much to do. He browsed houses online. His plan was to find a good real estate, pay the full price upfront, and then ask his parents to move in.

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As for Boss Pei’s own accommodation…

He could probably start thinking about moving as well.

However, Pei Qian did feel quite comfortable where he was. Since he was too lazy to move houses for now, he figured that there was no rush.

November 8th, Monday…

Assistant Xin had already contacted Chang You and bought return tickets for him to make a trip to Jingzhou.

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This meeting was quite important to Boss Pei. If he could hire a good right-hand man, all of Boss Pei’s concerns about the future would dissipate!

Speaking of which, the thing that frustrated Pei Qian the most was that not one of his countless employees could share his burdens. Some of them had looked reliable at first but started doing crazy things a few months later.

The only one who could really share his burdens was Ma Yang, but Ma Yang was only considered half a man.