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Speaking of which, NOBE’s style changed a lot this time.

His usual style that was too unique, cocky and introvert changed drastically.

There was a huge cast of characters, each with their clear personality and viewpoint. They would some time activate their powers through portable consoles and devolve into intensive fights. But everything was resolved with a happy ending. That was a heartwarming game──

── A masterpiece named ‘Gamers’.

But the characters appearing in the game seemed to be inserts of people around me recently, that surprised me. And there are elements of ‘MOE’ this time too, although it’s just a little. As expected of ‘NOBE’, her taste just hit the right spot.

I felt very blissed after playing a great game.

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In my sleepy mind, the smiles of Uehara-san, Chiaki, Tendo-san and Aguri appeared.

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My everyday life… is becoming lively...

Even now, I still felt this was incredible.

There was nothing harder for me to accept than a main character who likes a normal peaceful life.

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This thought of mine remained unchanged even after this hectic month.

I would question what was so average about a guy so popular with beauties, and I wasn’t that noble in spirit to cherish my old life that was boring and never changing with the perspective that ‘peace is great’.

However… If I had to say what changed in my heart, there would be just one point.

I── Amano Keita, 16 years old.

The fact was, my urge to go to another world had gradually dwindled.

How strange… In the past, I will fantasize about a faraway world before I sleep. But recently… I realized I had been thinking about ‘tomorrow’.

Grabbing the edge of the blanket, I curled my body. What appeared in my mind wasn’t a fantasy world, but Uehara-san, Tendo-san, Aguri-san…… and I guess Chiaki’s smile.