Fighting a lot of money

Fighting a lot of money

We had talked for a long time and almost made a full lap around campus. We should be arriving in the area Pallet is at soon.

“I told you about Kushida-san because I know you won’t say anything about it to anyone, and because I thought you would understand and agree with me.”

"I'm sorry I couldn’t meet your expectations.”

Although she merely stated her straightforward opinion, we ended up disagreeing in the end.

“Now that I have provided you with valuable information, would you please answer a question of my own?”

“What kind of question?”

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Horikita stopped and looked at me with the same firmness as before. It seems that apart from the matter of Kushida, she has another thing she wants to discuss.

“After the sports festival… What did you do to Ryūen?”

“What did I do?”

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To be asked this question… Horikita was the one who dealt with most of Ryūen’s schemes. I don’t know exactly what Ryūen did during the sports festival.

If the situation played out as I had theorized it would, then there’s only one response I can give her.

“I only influenced what happened at the end. I stopped Ryūen’s plan from succeeding.

“You mean you recorded the conversation Ryūen had with the others from Class C?”

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I affirmed her by nodding lightly.

“A recording of another class's strategy meeting isn’t something that’s easy to get your hands on. How did you get that kind of thing? Ryūen-kun had said there was a spy, but you don’t have a deep enough connection with someone who would expose Class C, do you?”

Of course, Horikita wouldn’t know about the incident on the cruise ship between Karuizawa and Class C’s Manabe.

"I used every means at my disposal. Getting that audio file was just exercising one of them.”

"There's another thing. I'm angry that you backed me up on your own, it means that you’re acting on the premise that I will fail. But, I guess it actually turned out how you expected, so I can’t really argue with it. Moreover, I was forbidden from looking into your affairs, so I can’t ask for the answer. It was a tricky situation… If you hadn’t done something, I would… Thank you.”