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“Yeah/ Amanocchi, get something for me at the drink bar.”

“I’m not brave enough to open someone else’s fridge. Please just make do with a not-so-iced soda.”

I said that as I poured a flat orange soda into Aguri-san’s glass. However, she immediately complained upon taking a sip. “It’s not cold anymore!” …Why even brother nagging at me.

Aguri-san and I each held a cup of soda as we watched the minigame match between the three of them.

…Suddenly, Aguri-san said this casually.

“Amanocchi, if you and me…”


I drank a little soda. Aguri-san’s eyes remained on the minigame screen as she continued.

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“If you and I got married, I bet we’ll be happy.”


….For a moment, my brain displayed me a picture where I immediately splat out my drink. …However, in reality, I don’t feel pretty shocked. It’s more like, I’m surprised by how calm I am.

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I drank my soda before answering flatly.