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As I looked down towards her swaying feet, I could see a long and narrow box covered in wrapping paper sticking out, but since I felt like it would be in bad taste to stare, I averted my gaze.

"I don't mind calling your phone for you".

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"Yeah, thanks. You're really kind, Ayanokouji-kun".

Merely helping someone look for their phone, not to mention calling it for them, isn't something that can really be considered kind.

Undoubtedly anyone would have offered a similar form of cooperation.

"If I recall, in the morning".

As Satou said something awkward like that.

"Ahh, found it, found it".

From Satou, I heard such good news. As I looked back, Satou laughed while holding her phone in her hands.

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"I've kept you waiting, shall we go?".

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Satou put her phone into her pocket but then.

"Good morning, Ayanokouji-kun".

Immediately afterwards, from behind me someone called out. As I looked back the one there was Hirata Yousuke. As ever, he was an invigorating young man. Good morning, I raised my hand slightly and replied as such to him.

By the way, beside Hirata was the figure of his lover, Karuizawa Kei. It seems on this day, Christmas, the two of them are also out on a date. I am aware that the relationship between those two is fake but perhaps in order to make their surroundings perceive it as being true, this action is being taken. If so, then the effect of it is instantaneous.

"Good morning, Karuizawa-san".