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The CG images in the game began to change continuously accompanied by the voice-over. Nightmare beasts were hidden behind dark clouds in the sky. Countless strange monsters were born, bringing disaster to the world.

A scholar realized that he was trapped in a dream. He held a painting in his left hand and a brush in his right. He began to use the power of his painting to defeat the monster in the dream. He wanted to find the nightmare beast hidden in the dream. The nightmare beast was also constantly producing evil demons to stop the scholar.

Countless sinister devils rushed towards the scholar. The scholar used his brush to paint a huge rock on the painting. Then, with a light wave of his brush, the huge rock immediately appeared above the monsters and smashed them into black smoke.

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The monsters also raised the fallen rocks and huge trees on the cliff and threw them at the scholar. However, the scholar waved his brush and wiped the foreign objects out of thin air.

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The brush and ink flew everywhere, and the black fog dispersed. The scholar and the monster began to fight intensely. The voice-over also narrated the background story of the entire game...

This publicity CG was actually not complicated. It was not a CG where every hair and pore could be seen clearly. It could not even be compared to the publicity video of the GPL’s Spring Competition.

However, the brilliance of this video was that it perfectly matched the game itself.

“Black Ink and Clouds” was a horizontal 2D game. It was not a hugely invested 3A game. What’s more, it was a Chinese-style game. It was related to calligraphy and painting elements. Thus, it could be said that using the CG of Black Ink and Clouds was just right.

Not only could it highlight the characteristics of the game itself, but it could also reduce the difficulty of making it.

On the other hand, even though there were only two small stages in the game and the game only lasted about ten minutes in the updated DEMO, the core gameplay was displayed.

Using the traditional 2D horizontal version of the game’s operating model as the foundation, there were movements, jumps, dual jumps, attack, defense, and other operations. There were also calligraphy and painting skills.

After clicking on the drawing skill, the game’s image entered a stagnant state. Time passed at an extremely slow speed. Gamers could choose to erase the scene elements in the game or create props by drawing a specific shape. For example, they could draw circles to create large rocks, and draw lines to create lightning.

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However, this also meant that the game could not be played with a controller. It could only be played with a mouse or a touch screen.

The official platform obviously intended to use the computers and cell phones as the main battlefield. They promised that players would first be on the computer version and then the cell phone version.

Logically speaking, it would be more comfortable to operate the cell phone version. However, there were more independent gamers in the computer version after all, and it would be easier to develop it. Thus, they had to go to the computer version first.

After watching the promotional video and the game’s contents, Pei Qian’s expression turned serious as though he was facing a formidable enemy.

No wonder so many people were pre-ordering it. It looked very reliable!