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It seemed like he could only shrink deeper into the darkness and not show up in public; otherwise, their lives would be in danger!

Pei Qian flipped through various comments at the bottom of the video and on the webpage, and he found that the popularity had spread to the other industries of Tengda thanks to the video of Teacher Qiao.

Even ROF Computer-Installations, OTTO cell phones, and shared phone booths—which had been silent for a long time—had been revived.

However, these departments did not give Pei Qian the good news.

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Obviously, everyone was embarrassed to bother Boss Pei because of the good news.

In the eyes of the people-in-charge of the departments, the interpretation by Teacher Qiao was arranged by Boss Pei early in the morning!

Why bother to announce the good news if Boss Pei planned it all out? It would seem like they were asking for credit when it was obviously Boss Pei’s contribution.

Therefore, the people-in-charge of the various departments were all busy entertaining a large number of new customers and did not trouble the Boss Pei because of this matter.

Everyone knew that Boss Pei was an avid thinker now.

He must be somewhere thinking if he did not appear in the company.

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To interrupt Boss Pei at this time was to affect the interest of Tengda Corporation. Who would dare be that scapegoat?

Therefore, everyone would be more careful before they went to report to Boss Pei in the future. They would definitely not report trivial stuff to Boss Pei anymore.

Pei Qian felt melancholic.

He once again had the idea of hiring assassins to get rid of Teacher Qiao.

The system funds might not allow him to be reimbursed, but Pei Qian had some savings after all...

However, it was just a thought; he quickly dispelled that idea.