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"Hehehe......I'm glad".

I had been dragging out my purchase of the gloves. They were simple, blue gloves. It's a lot easier to use them than ones with illustrations and designs carelessly added to them.

I tried putting them on right away. It was the first time wearing gloves in my life, but I didn't announce that fact. It fit into my left hand, and my right hand as well. And then I tried repeating rock–paper–scissors over and over. Airi happily watched me do that.

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"H-How is it?".

"The size is perfect, and it's warm".

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"I'm glad".

I've never discussed my tastes before but even if I were to go and buy one myself, this glove seems like the one I'd choose.

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"Well then, umm, I'm sorry for dropping by late at night. Good night, Kiyotaka-kun".

Perhaps she thought staying too long would be bad, but Airi said that and turned her back. As for me, I wouldn't have minded getting her a cup of tea but it is late at night. On top of that, on Christmas Eve the 24th, it would be all kinds of trouble for me to invite a girl into my room. As I saw off Airi, who was walking towards the elevator, whether it was because she realized my stare or not, she looked back once. And after waving her hand slightly at me, she went into the elevator and returned back to the upper floor.

After seeing her off, I returned to my room.

".....I wonder when I should offer my gratitude".

Payback for Valentine's Day is on White Day, something like that is naturally, known to me but I wonder when payback for Christmas would be. I'll look it up later.

"Today I'll be making you cooperate with me, Ayanokouji!!!".

"...what is it first thing in the morning...you're quite lively, Yamauchi...".

Having been woken from the chime to my room being rung, I sighed upon seeing the visitor, Yamauchi.

"I'll be disturbing you!".