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That was this man’s education! Huang Sibo was an ordinary university graduate, but Ma Yiqun was a graduate in Chinese Language and Literature from one of the top ten key universities. He was the perfect man for designing plots.

What’s more, the fact that he could even enter such a university showed that his IQ was not that low.

Seeing that Boss Pei had already finished reading his resume, Ma Yiqun took out another stack of documents. “Boss Pei, these are the short stories, essays, and novels that I have written. Take a look.”

Something was wrong!

Pei Qian was instantly alerted. He took the stack of writings and quickly read through them, his face showing mixed emotions.

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Ma Yiqun looked apprehensive.

He was worried that Boss Pei would not admit him because he could not see anything special about him. That was why he made copies of all the writing he did in university and in his previous job. He was hoping to score some bonus points with Boss Pei.

Logically, these writings would be very important considerations for people seeking to recruit plot planners. Pei Qian read through the writings. The more he read, the more excited he felt. It was a good thing that Ma Yiqun handed these writings over.

Otherwise, Pei Qian would have hired him!

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A cursory scan of these writings showed Pei Qian that this man was not as his resume described him to be.

His writing was not bad! His writing flow was smooth, his vocabulary was beautiful, and he even displayed a deep understanding of Chinese classical texts! The synopses that he wrote for Shang Yang Games before this were quite outstanding, too.

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For all Pei Qian knew, this man came from a family of cultured scholars. Of course, he wasn’t extremely impressive either. At the very least, Pei Qian could not tell that he was that impressive from these limited materials.

He could not hire this man. He could not take such a risk. This man did not meet the recruitment requirements of Tengda!

Pei Qian was prepared to think of another reason to turn Ma Yiqun down.

What reason should he give?

Pei Qian quickly scanned through Ma Yiqun’s resume once more, trying to find problems with it. That was when he noticed that Ma Yiqun joined Shang Yang Games in October the previous year. He did not join Shang Yang Games immediately after graduating.

He had three to four months after graduating. What did he do during that time? Did he make a mid-career switch, just like Huang Sibo? Was there something he was hiding?

This sounded like quite a good excuse.

“You only joined Shang Yang Games in October last year. Were you at another company before that?” Pei Qian asked casually.