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The male and female hosts came to the camera and began to introduce the organizers, guests, and the specific rules of the competition to the audience.

There were dozens of live audience members apart from a few guests who were good tasters. The live audiences would also taste the food from the stalls and vote.

Guests could comment on it and the weight of their ratings would be higher. The judges and audience would add their ratings together to calculate the total score. The winner of the Street Food Contest would be chosen according to the total score.

The first batch of food vendors had already been prepared behind the emcee. They were of different genders and ages. However, all of them were holding their heads high with stern expressions.

Behind them were snack stalls carts. The first round of competition was the “pancake group”. All the vendors sold good pancakes.

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Each stall owner had a serial number. They would make many pancakes in a row and then cut them into small pieces for the judges and audience to taste. Those with higher scores would win.

There were other local snacks after the pancake review.

For example: scallion pancakes, grilled squid, roasted gluten, bean jelly noodles, teppanyaki tofu, Roujiamo, roasted cold noodles, etc.

One could tell that it was very down-to-earth just by looking at the name.

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Of course, apart from these common local snacks, there was also a special ‘unpopular snack group’. Some of the rare local snacks competed with each other.

In fact, when it came to local food, stinky tofu should have a name. However, considering that the competition venue was a closed area the smell would not be easy to dissipate, the organizers rejected the few outstanding vendors of stinky tofu with tears in their eyes in order to ensure that the local food competition would proceed smoothly.

The ingredients for these snacks had been selected in advance, and the vendor could choose them based on his own needs and habits. The difference in taste of the final product was mainly in cooking skills and fire control.

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Of course, as long as it was a selection, it was impossible to be 100%!o(MISSING)bjective and fair. After all, everyone’s taste and preferences were different.

However, the way the judges and audience gave marks together ensured the fairness of the competition to the maximum. In the end, the food that was selected would definitely be more suited to the general taste.