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There have been incidents of children dying in the middle of summer after being locked in a car, but the same is also true for adults. And as it were, the heat stroke had started to attack us.

"Ahh, I'm at my limit already. Move!". Feeling frustrated, Ibuki stood up and with all her might she kicked away at the interior of the elevator, leaving a dent in the place she kicked. She kicks the same place again. The elevator swayed slightly but showed no signs of movement.

"You're just wasting your energy...but then again, I really can't say just sitting still is the safe option anymore" I told Ibuki.

Even if a person notices the elevator breakdown in 5 minutes, it would still take the rescue crew roughly 30 minutes to make it to our location. If it's coming, it should be time for the rescue to arrive.

If we remain in here after that time has passed, we cannot avoid suffering a heat stroke. And in some cases, it could become a life-threatening risk too. Since it's come to this, I can no longer say contuining to sit still is the correct decision anymore.

"There's no other choice..."

I refuse to die in this sauna of an elevator.

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"Should we kick from the front? Hey, should we kick?" Ibuki asked me, having already lost her coolness from the heat and seems to be desperately suppressing her impulse to go berserk.

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"Leaving aside getting out or not for now, let's try opening the hatch at the top" I told her.

Right now, the most important thing is escaping this sealed scenario. Even if we cannot get out, as long as the hatch opens up that would be enough.

"The height should be---slightly more than 2 meters, about 2.2 or 2.3 meters"

Even if I reach up with my hands, naturally I would not be able to reach it.

Ibuki threateningly glared at me as I measured the height of the hatch. Then she jumped up from right underneath the hatch. It was a magnificent vertical jump. She then extended her right hand towards the ceiling, and pushed up with all her strength. But the hatch didn't seem to show any signs of opening, and from the impact of Ibuki landing back on the floor, the elevator swayed wildly.

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" looks like it's stuck".

"I suppose so"

If it was just closed like a lid, with that just now, it should have opened up.

"You predicted it's locked. But if so, what's the locking mechanism for it?" Ibuki asks me.

"I wonder. I think it's locked using a padlock something the matter?"

In regards to that subject, I wasn't sure too.