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“Let me briefly explain the general content of the promotional video that we are filming this time.”

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“The theme of this short film is: How watching live-streams waste lives.”

“There will be four characters in the promotional video: two university students and two office workers, with each watching live-streams and the other not watching live-streams.”

“Students and office workers who watch live-streams spend a lot of time watching live-streams and give gifts to their hosts every day. After that, the university graduates would not be able to find a job, and office workers would be fired because of work mistakes.”

“Students and office workers who don’t watch live-streams use this time to learn and enrich themselves. Students graduate with outstanding results while office workers are promoted and paid more.”

“Show the logo for the Bunny Tail Live-Stream at the end of the promotional video. Then, add a slogan: Everyone has the same amount of time. The difference is how you use it.”

“That’s about it. You guys can go through the details and then prepare for the shoot.”

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Meng Chang was filled with confidence and was impressed by his own intelligence.

This promotional video would definitely have the opposite effect!

Live-streaming was, to put it bluntly, a form of entertainment, a form of recreation. Any form of entertainment and recreation had to have a limit. If one overdid it, they would be wasting their own time.

Live-streaming platforms would never emphasize this point. They would only emphasize that watching live-streams could broaden your horizons and relax your mind.

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The promotional video of Meng Chang’s Bunny Tail Live-Stream obviously made the audience watching the live-stream feel uncomfortable, but there was nothing wrong with the contents of the entire promotional video. There was nothing to criticize.

It was just like how coke advertisements were harmful to the teeth. It was very unreasonable and even though it was defaming oneself, there was no problem with the entire content. There was even a certain degree of scientific and educational significance. Of course, it was at the cost of reducing one’s own sales.

Meng Chang originally thought that his colleagues would definitely raise some questions. He had already thought of how to avoid them. However, these lads looked at each other and did not raise any questions.

“Alright, Brother Meng. Let’s go through the details of the plan. Then, we’ll look for actors and shoot scenes.”

Everyone quickly got to work.

Meng Chang stood alone and did not say a single word that he had prepared. He nearly choked and was stunned for a while before sitting down again.