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How do students make money on online part-time?

Liang Qingfan: “About thirty grand.”

Pei Qian nodded in satisfaction. “Hmm, good. Cooperate more with this Fanglan Residence in the future.”

Wasn’t this the type of cooperative brand the kind he was most satisfied with?

First of all, the furniture was of high quality and had no pollution. It ensured that the health of Sloth Apartments’ residents would not suffer. What’s more, the furniture would not have any serious quality problems if they rented it for too long;

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Second, the premium was high and the price was high. That was a very key point.

That was because the Sloth Apartments’ model was actually Pei Qian paying to buy a house, renovate it, and add a complete set of furniture and appliances before renting it to clients.

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The more expensive the furniture was, the more money that could be spent!

The sofa that Pei Qian had prepared for the Tengda headquarters’ office was priced at sixty thousand yuan. However, that was the standard for office supplies in the guest room after all. It represented the company’s reputation. Thus, the system gave them a high limit.

The sofa in Sloth Apartments could not be so expensive. 30,000 yuan was already considered quite high.

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However, compared to ordinary sofas that cost three to five thousand yuan, a sofa that cost thirty thousand yuan was considered high-end.

A sofa that cost more than 20,000 yuan for a unit, what if they were to use it for 100 units? What about the storage cabinets, TV cabinets, dining cabinets, dining tables, bookshelves, and other furniture?

How much would that be if it was accumulated!

Pei Qian walked around the room and nodded in satisfaction. “Hm, Sloth Apartments 2.0 is doing well. Keep pushing.”

“By the way, don’t forget about the Sloth Apartments in the past. Remember to maintain it well. If anything happens to the apartments, the housekeepers of each building must report it in time and deal with it. Don’t be afraid of spending money.”