What is the software that can make money online?

What is the software that can make money online?

Even though that assumption may not hold true, he was sure that as long as it wasn’t overly bad, it would definitely be better than his current company’s.

However, he was worried as to whether he would be employed.

Huang Sibo was someone who had made a switch of career midway and he had just joined the industry for a mere six months so far. He was holding onto the lowest position – an administrative planner who was paid 1,500 monthly.

Because of daily overtime, he was already showing early signs of balding.

That was the reason why he decided to give this company a shot after chancing upon their hiring notice.

Even if he were to jump ship maintaining his current salary, Huang Sibo would be thankful if he had to do less overtime.

However, he knew that his resume wasn’t impressive and there was a high chance that he would be skipped through.

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Even within the small gaming circle of Jingzhou City, he was considered as part of the bottom dwellers and wasn’t even as welcome compared to fresh graduates.

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After bumping into those investment elites wearing their suits earlier on, he felt even more inferior as he was wearing nothing but a t-shirt and shorts.

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He checked the time – he was slightly early.

Huang Sibo had left home earlier and took a public bus, afraid that he might be late. However, because there were no traffic jams, he ended up arriving earlier.

Deciding that waiting outside wasn’t exactly an option, Huang Sibo bolstered his courage and entered the majestic lobby.

After explaining his purpose of arrival at the front desk, the staff registered his name and made a temporary access card for him.

As he waited for the lift, Huang Sibo felt his heart pound furiously.

He was even more nervous than he had been for his high school exams.

Probably due to the extremely high ceiling and majestic design of the place, Huang Sibo felt insignificant and out of place, suddenly losing his courage.

The door to the lift opened.

As he prepared to enter, Huang Sibo caught sight of a familiar face and was stunned.

It was his head at his current company – chief planner, Old Liu!