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As for Hu Xianbin, he was still thinking about the development of Eternal Reincarnation.

As he browsed the webpage, Hu Xianbin suddenly exclaimed.

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“Eternal Reincarnation released an update announcement? Isn’t that too early?”

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He remembered clearly that the development cycle of Eternal Reincarnation would be to be completed by the end of this month. What’s more, this was a relatively smooth situation.

Why was there an update announcement at the beginning of the month?

It couldn’t have made it so fast, right?

Hu Xianbin quickly clicked on it and read the details of the announcement.

The announcement clearly stated these few points.

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First of all, the downloadable content for Eternal Reincarnation would be updated in stages. Four times, they would update one-third of the game setting and monster resources, as well as the game’s combat system and plot parts.

The four updates were on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th respectively. They were all on Friday.

Second, the downloadable content would be pre-ordered. Players who had to pay the full amount in advance could download the corresponding updates during the corresponding time period.

The downloadable content was not expensive. It was twenty-eight yuan.

Players could also choose not to pre-order it. Instead, they could pay to buy the complete content of the downloadable content after the update on the 28th.