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They were there some thirty men and women, - concierges,shop-keepers, and retired bourgeois of the neighborhood, theircheeks flushed, their eyes staring, gesticulating as if they had afit, shaking their clinched fists at the ceiling.

"Gentlemen," commenced Maxence.

But his voice was drowned by the most frightful shouts. He hadhardly got in, when he was so closely surrounded, that he had beenunable to close the parlor-door after him, and had been driven andbacked against the embrasure of a window.

"My father, gentlemen," he resumed.

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Again he was interrupted. There were three or four before him, whowere endeavoring before all to establish their own claims clearly.

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They were speaking all at once, each one raising his own voice soas to drown that of the others. And yet, through their confusedexplanations, it was easy to understand the way in which the cashierof the Mutual Credit had managed things.

Formerly it was only with great reluctance that he consented to takecharge of the funds which were offered to him; and then he neveraccepted sums less than ten thousand francs, being always careful tosay, that, not being a prophet, he could not answer for any thing,and might be mistaken, like any one else. Since the Commune, on thecontrary, and with a duplicity, that could never have been suspected,he had used all his ingenuity to attract deposits. Under somepretext or other, he would call among the neighbors, theshop-keepers; and, after lamenting with them about the hard timesand the difficulty of making money, he always ended by holding up tothem the dazzling profits which are yielded by certain investmentsunknown to the public.

If these very proceedings had not betrayed him, it is because herecommended to each the most inviolable secrecy, saying, that, atthe slightest indiscretion, he would be assailed with demands, andthat it would be impossible for him to do for all what he did for one.

At any rate, he took every thing that was offered, even the mostinsignificant sums, affirming, with the most imperturbable assurance,that he could double or treble them without the slightest risk.

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The catastrophe having come, the smaller creditors showed themselves,as usual, the most angry and the most intractable. The less moneyone has, the more anxious one is to keep it. There was there an oldnewspaper-vender, who had placed in M. Favoral's hands all she hadin the world, the savings of her entire life, - five hundred francs.

Clinging desperately to Maxence's garments, she begged him to givethem back to her, swearing, that, if he did not, there was nothingleft for her to do, except to throw herself in the river. Her groansand her cries of distress exasperated the other creditors.

That the cashier of the Mutual Credit should have embezzled millions,they could well understand, they said. But that he could haverobbed this poor woman of her five hundred francs, - nothing morelow, more cowardly, and more vile could be imagined; and the lawhad no chastisement severe enough for such a crime.

"Give her back her five hundred francs;" they cried. For there wasnot one of them but would have wagered his head that M. Favoral hadlots of money put away; and some went even so far as to say that hemust have hid it in the house, and, if they looked well, they wouldfind it.

Maxence, bewildered, was at a loss what to do, when, in the midstof this hostile crowd, he perceived M. Chapelain's friendly face.

Driven from his bed at daylight by the bitter regrets at the heavyloss he had just sustained, the old lawyer had arrived in the RueSt. Gilles at the very moment when the creditors invaded M. Favoral'sapartment. Standing behind the crowd, he had seen and heard everything without breathing a word; and, if he interfered now, it wasbecause he thought things were about to take an ugly turn. He waswell known; and, as soon as he showed himself,"He is a friend of the rascal!" they shouted on all sides.

But he was not the man to be so easily frightened. He had seen manya worse case during twenty years that he had practised law,, and hadwitnessed all the sinister comedies and all the grotesque dramas ofmoney. He knew how to speak to infuriated creditors, how to handlethem, and what strings can be made to vibrate within them. In themost quiet tone,"Certainly," he answered, "I was Favoral's intimate friend; and theproof of it is, that he has treated me more friendly than the rest.

I am in for a hundred and sixty thousand francs."By this mere declaration he conquered the sympathies of the crowd.

He was a brother in misfortune; they respected him: he was a skilfulbusiness-man; they stopped to listen to him.

At once, and in a short and trenchant tone, he asked these invaderswhat they were doing there, and what they wanted. Did they not knowto what they exposed themselves in violating a domicile? What wouldhave happened, if, instead of stopping to parley, Maxence had sentfor the commissary of police? Was it to Mme. Favoral and herchildren that they had intrusted their funds? No! What did theywant with them then? Was there by chance among them some of thoseshrewd fellows who always try to get themselves paid in full, to thedetriment of the others?