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“What’s wrong, senpai? Why don’t you tell me what games I play?”

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“A-Ah, well…”

I can’t say “hentai games” in front of these people, no matter what. Konoha-san enjoyed my awkward face for a while. Then, she looked at her onee-chan, who’s still trying her best to put up a fight. She continued.

“I do play family games too with onee-chan. …This is the same as senpai.”

“Hmm? Really…”

Well, it’s not something weird. Kousei does the same thing too. Even though he’s not particularly a gamer, he does play with his siblings.


I remembered something, but now’s not the time to think about that. I immediately paid attention back to the screen again.

The girls’ battle is getting more intense.

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“Hey, hey, what’s wrong, Oiso, Tendou? Is that all the Otobuki Game Club got?”


Although Main-san keeps irritating them, the two are still fighting. Then…


…Even though she only took the shockwave from the three’s battle, Chiaki’s accumulated damage is already at the breaking point. I don’t think she can come back after another strong hit.