What is the name of the software written on the Internet?

What is the name of the software written on the Internet?

Maybe Keisei felt that I was troubled due to our defeat. I certainly did not care about it, but I noticed something in Keisei’s words.


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Within these comforting words was a hole right in the middle of it.

In other words, there were still a minority of students who were dissatisfied with me.

“This… is not a perfect situation. They’re not saying that you were a bad commander, but they felt as if there could have been a better, more competent person as the commander.”

In a sense, this was also a form of blame. Humans were irrational creatures. Even if it had agreed on something before, to take a different stance afterwards was not at all uncommon.

There would be people who thought that the reason we lost to Class A was because of the gap in skill between the commanders, which was understandable.

“Even if someone accuses you, remember you have the upper hand. You were our only choice for commander since you were the only one with protection points…”

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Kei told me this after considering the possibility of students confronting me in the future.

“Although most people would agree with that, there’s also the example of Ryuuen.”

After I said that, Keisei smiled bitterly, and shook his head.

“That bastard is pretty special. I reckon that his recklessness is just a facade. It was because of his unexpected rise, as he didn’t have any protection points, that led to Class B’s fall, suffering a crushing defeat.”