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Senpai seemed to have misunderstood my shocked reaction. He hastily handed me another small paper bag. I saw that there’s a baked dessert that looks expensive inside. It’s indeed the brand I like. It seems like I said it a while ago casually, and he remembered it with his heart. That only is already enough of a present for me. However…


Once I snapped out of it, I’m looking at the <Rainbow Court> package again.

Of course, this game- is what made me love this person in the first place, after all. Well, even senpai doesn’t know this either.

I’m staring at the dating sim. Yeah, senpai definitely thinks that I’m mad. He scratched his cheeks awkwardly and explained.

“H-Hey, Konoha-san? This is, uh, …a game that I recommend.”


“U-Uh, of course, I hesitated until the last moment, alright!? Even I know how terrible it is to give a dating sim as a White Day present!”

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“If that’s the case, why…”

I unwrapped the package completely and stared at the cover of <Rainbow Court>. I asked with an emotionless tone.

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“Why did you give me this today?”

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“Uh, that’s because…”

Senpai took a deep breath and answered incredibly sincerely.

“It’s because it represents my feelings to Konoha-san the most.”


“So, it’s fine even if you don’t like this feeling of mine. However, please try this game out. I bet you’ll love it-“

Senpai tried his best to explain. …Looking at him, I chuckled and answered.

“It’s okay, senpai. Don’t say I’ll love it. … I had already played it a long time ago."