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Just like in the Karate event earlier, the rules regarding commander intervention were an ultimate insurance policy that practically guaranteed that he wouldn’t lose.

“Even though your opponent is Albert, don’t let it get to you. The strongest guy doesn’t always win, so ya never know until ya give it a shot.”

The result was already as clear as day. It would be extremely difficult for Class B to beat an opponent whose physique and skill far surpassed their own.

It was the only event that Class B had given up on, where they wouldn’t be able to win no matter what. Ichinose had to select a single person, and she was only given thirty seconds to decide who that would be. But now, Ichinose couldn’t even make the choice to nominate someone anymore.

The seconds ticked away mercilessly until the timer finally reached 0. As per the rules, a student would be chosen at random if the commander failed to make the choice in time, but after considering the danger of the event, Mashima passed the ruling immediately instead.

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“Class B loses this event by default. And, this marks the fourth win for Class D, making Class D the overall victor for this special exam.”

At Mashima’s merciful declaration, the outcome of the battle between Class B and Class D had been set in stone.

(Introduction End)

From here, the story turns back to the day the special exam was first announced.

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Alone, Ishizaki chased after Ryūen as he headed off to eat his lunch. Class D had already decided on making Kaneda their commander, but they were having problems coming up with what events to choose.

The reason being that nobody in Class D was capable of coming up with any original ideas.

Ordinary events, ordinary rules, ordinary fighting styles.

They were only able to come up with simple, ordinary ideas that anyone would be able to think of.

If they couldn’t come up with anything better, their chances of winning against any of the other classes were effectively non-existent.