Is it true that the reading voice is true?

Is it true that the reading voice is true?

“What’s with that look! Eh, what, don’t tell me people really view me like that!”

Uehara-kun’s expression turned cold, so I answered him with a bitter smile.

“Indeed, …Uehara-kun, you once suddenly compared yourself with Aesop’s fables…”

“S-Stop it! Also, it’s not like what you guys think! I’m really fond of smartphones! After all, you can download all the RPG remakes in the past with way lower prices. Also, the graphics are quite nice, and the controls are easy. Most importantly, it’s very convenient. Come to think of it, smartphones already surpassed all those similar-looking consoles, right.”

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“…I guess so.”

Indeed, smartphones’ evolution in gaming software has improved a lot. From this perspective, of course, I agree that mobile phones are excellent consoles. However…

Just as the three of us are hiding our thoughts inside our hearts, Aguri-san, who’s as sharp as usual, suddenly mumbled.

“I feel like this is what Tasuku’s trying to say. It’s like a ‘which family restaurant is your favorite’ questionnaire. Still, you just have to write, ‘I love touring food streets because I can try out more dishes.’ …Does it feel like that?”

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Uehara-kun sulkily hmphed while we’re convinced with the excellent metaphor. Even though Aguri-san knows nothing at all, …her words can still point at the exact center.

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When she turned her attention back to her phone, Tendou-san continued for the speechless Uehara-kun.

“By the way, why is everyone focusing on convenience so much? If we’re from a simple ‘high-quality gaming experience’ perspective, home consoles are the only options, right?”

Chiaki retorted what she said.

“However, if that’s the case, shouldn’t we just buy a PC, no, the entire arcade cabinet?”

“Logically, we should be able to limit the area to ‘home consoles,’ right. Then, I’ll still recommend Xbox One.”

Tendou-san emphasized her “logical” speech, and it damaged Uehara-kun mentally as he let out a moan. Accidentally insulting others while not meaning it, …Tendou-san often does that.

I guess Chiaki got competitive after seeing Tendou-san’s attitude, so she continued to fight.