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That definitely can’t happen! I mean we’re not breaking up!

I was screaming in my heart, but I couldn’t show it on the surface so it was difficult.

“You know, I think you could aim for better guys, Karuizawa-san.”

“Better guys? Like who?”

“Answering who straight after being asked is a little difficult, but…like Tsukasaki-kun, or Nagumo-senpai.”


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For me, both of them are out of the question.

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It’s true that if we only talk about visuals, Tsukasaki-kun is top class, and the Student Council President might be too. And if we’re talking about status and stuff, they are unmistakable at the top.

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But…yeah, I don’t think they could rival Kiyotaka.

That guy…he could be disagreeable at times, but…he’s strong, handsome and mysterious.

And most of all…He understands me.

“Okay! I said something unnecessary, thank you for the meal!”


“I mean it’s written all over your face, Karuizawa-san. That for you, Ayanokōji-kun is number one.”