How to make money on online second-hand

How to make money on online second-hand

It was no wonder that Zhang Yuan and Coach Yaling had not scheduled any training for all of them—they wanted the team to rest up to put on a good show!

Soon, the competition began on the big screen.

It was the best of five—the same as what the two teams from DGE Esports Club was used to for training

The system units off-stage were lighting up in all sorts of colors, catching the audience’s eye.

“Is that the first kill?” “Eh, the lighting effect is different! Interesting!”

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“The lighting effect for becoming legendary seems to be quite long.”

“D*mn, this is too cool!”

The gamers in the hall immediately noticed how amazing the system units were. There were special RGB lighting effects that flashed along with developments in the game!

Actually, that was not hard to do. The question was who was meant to see those effects.

If one was at home, no matter how much the system unit flashed, only they would be able to see it. Soon, it would become boring. What initially seemed exciting would be reduced to pure light pollution.

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However, things would be different if one was in an internet cafe!

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That was because internet cafes were noisy and lively to begin with. What’s more, everyone was playing GOG. Having the system unit flash would be akin to showing off in front of everyone else. In fact, it would be hard not to get other people’s attention.

Even for the many others looking through the door, seeing the RGB lighting effects inside the internet cafe made them itch to try out a system unit themselves.

The gamers inside the internet cafe felt like they had some sort of buff thanks to the RGB lighting effects. They were filled with renewed motivation, which only intensified as they continued playing. They wanted to fight for as many kills and continuous kills as possible, just so that their system units would light up and others would pay attention to them.

If a beautiful lady just so happened to be sitting next to them... then things could develop out of their control.

Many of those people also came in groups. At the start, everyone was focusing on their own game, and no one was paying attention to the competition on the big screen. However, soon, the situation started to change.

“They’re already trying to trap others at their first level?”