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Misumi-kun went “Hmm…” while scratching back of the head, feeling uncomfortable. While thinking back on the confession that just happened, he started talking.

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“Honestly, when I first saw him, I didn’t think so highly of him, but…”

“R-right? He looked like someone without good sense.”

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Yes, I wasn’t wrong. My response was definitely the right one—

“But even though your compatibility may be bad, I think he had good intentions. Since Tendo-san’s reply was basically a complete rejection, he got a strong impression that you were like a demon.”


An arrow deeply stabbed my chest. …C-certainly, that might be true. I didn’t want to date Andou-san at all, and I didn’t really like his personality, but… but, he did come to confess with pure intentions.

On the other hand, even though I was being sincere, my words of rejection may have been overkill.

Misumi-kun lightly smiled and gave me some advice.

“Before, you might’ve gone in while thinking, ‘Reject his confession’, but this time, Tendo-san went in while basically thinking ‘no’, right?”

“Oh… when you say it like that, I guess that’s true.”

“Or rather, it seems like it’s become a habit. You would ‘walk in and reject his confession, then give him a reason’, or some pattern like that.”