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「I never had any ulterior motives or evil thoughts! Please believe me! It was truly an unexpected accident!」I said, almost pleading.

「Grandfather, are you still peeping even at that age?」Rose asked, glaring at Bacchus-san.

「…Huh? I wonder… I’ve been forgetting things a lot lately, probably because of my age… I don’t remember it very well.」

Probably because he didn’t want to lie to his precious granddaughter, Bacchus-san played dumb, using age as an excuse.

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「Haa… I understand the situation. Allen, I totally believe what you say. And… I’m sorry. My grandfather has caused you a lot of trouble again.」

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Becoming too emotional, I grabbed both her hands.

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「Thank you! Thank you for believing me… Thank you so much!」

「O-Ok, I understand, but… you’re a little too close…」

I don’t know why, but Rose’s face turned red every passing second.

(Anyway, I did it!)

There are only two people left. If Ria and the president believe me, all the suspicions will clear up.

Immediately after persuading Rose,

「Allen, can you come here for a bit?」

Ria asked, looking straight into my eyes. Her clear azure eyes were very beautiful and contained a “charm” that cannot be expressed in words.

「Yes, what is it?」

「I just want to make sure… Everything you said is the truth, right?」she asked, tilting her neck.