how to earn money as a student

how to earn money as a student

"...well something like that" I replied.

I had thought to pass this off as just a deep reflection of mine, but it seemed to have taken an odd turn. I may have given her the impression that I was a crank.

"I'm going back for now. How about you?" I asked Ibuki.

"I think I'll go back too. It doesn't seem like I can get my fortune told alone anyways. I was interested in Tenchuusatsu though...".


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I replied without thinking to those words you wouldn't hear normally.

"You came here without even knowing such a thing?" Ibuki sighed in resignation. But even if you say that, I genuinely am an amateur at fortune-telling. I just came here with a vague idea of having my fortune told freely.

"If I have to put it simply, it's fortune-telling that tells you which days are unlucky for you" Ibuki told me.

I have heard that the world of fortune-telling is a deep one, but I didn't know it was possible to tell the fortune of a specific target. From the perspective of an ameteur like me, things like 'wear the color red' or 'beware of losing your possessions this month' were the full extent of fortune-telling. But from what Ibuki is telling me, it seems it isn't limited to just that.

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"I was hoping for that, really. I never thought it was only for love affairs" Ibuki said while looking at the long queue with a dismayed expression.

"But looking from the perspective of the students, using fortune-telling for love affairs like that isn't strange, right? This Tenchuusatsu? There must also be people interested in that who came here" I replied to her.

"Even so, it's impossible as soon as they put the pair restriction on it" Ibuki said.

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And with that, without even leaving so much as a parting word behind, Ibuki left.

After returning to my room, I looked a bit into Tenchuusatsu. And when I did so, it turned out to be an extremely deep subject. It seems just before 1980, with the public becoming more aware of its existence, Tenchuusatsu was bathed in attention. However, as its popularity boomed, its credibility also came into question. There was even a case in the news of a famous fortune-teller forced into retirement after he revealed the workings of Tenchuusatsu. I won't go as far as to say fortune-telling itself is pointless, but becoming obsessed over it, or believing too much in it can become a problem.

But on the flip side, one could also say that fortune-telling is just that charming to be able to attract the attention of that many people. It is a dominant topic, and even nowadays, if you approach it from the perspective of a believer, it still holds a considerable amount of accuracy. Now knowing this, I felt a sense of curiosity wash over me. As expected, I cannot just believe to what extent these articles I found on the net explain the truth of the matter.

It should be impossible to see the future or through a person through fortune-telling. That is precisely why I wanted to have my fortune told once, to discern its credibility. So that I could conclude that it is simply an extension of cold reading.