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I thought so, too! I was finally on the same frequency with Teacher He for once. Pei Qian had indeed considered the RTS game type before, but he decided against it by then because it did not seem dead yet.

It might not have any future, but many old players liked such game types. Moreover, they had a huge purchasing power. He was afraid that it might backfire. However, more than one year had passed, and the situation had changed!

The release of Starcraft 2 revived RTS, sucking away almost all the remaining RTS players.

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Moreover, the competition between GOG and IOI was so intense that even Gods Rising could only tremble. What more could be said about a new RTS game?

Yes, let’s do this! It seemed to be foolproof!

What a pity though... that it was no longer possible for this cycle. He could only think of using it for the next cycle.

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He An sighed. “Sigh, actually part of the reason why I decided to retire is that my vision can no longer keep up with the pace of game development in this era.

“Previously I felt that Gods Rising would only be a beautiful niche and that mobile games would never have a strong impact on client-side games. Now, it seems like my thinking is outdated.

“Boss Ma, that is also the reason why I put this class on the second topic. I hope that you will always have long term vision and find the right type of game to develop. You’ll be able to win lying down if you make a game that was on par with the era!”

Pei Qian: “...”

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Teacher He, you were speaking so well. Why are you suddenly cursing me?

Ten at night...

DGE E-Sports Club... It was already time for lights out. All the cell phones of the team members had been kept away. That was to ensure that they had enough rest.

Ming Yun Villas was, by default, a villa that was far away from the noisy city. There was very little light pollution. They could only see the faint twinkling of the moonlight and the starlight even if they did not pull the curtains.

That was the team’s dormitory. Two people would share a room.