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This is one of the few advantages of a small-time gamer. Goods that are always sold out in big cities will appear here. …However, even so, it looks like this is the last one too.

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I grinned as I opened my bag and checked the cash in my wallet. …Very well, this controller costs 2,980 yen. I have enough money. Yes.

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I took 3,000 yen out of my wallet and stepped cheerfully to the cashier. At that moment-


-I saw a child looking at my controller sadly. His hand has the 3,000 yen that he hastily asked from his parents.

“Oh, Amako, you’re slow.”

“Sigh, …I’m sorry.”

I regrouped with Main-san in the kids’ clothing area. Then, I stood next to her, who’s picking out cute girl clothes, a bit awkwardly.

Main-san didn’t look at me as she searched in the hangers before asking me.

“So, did you buy the controller you want, Amako?”

“Are you really a god or something?”

I never said one word about the controller to this person.

Main-san smiled bitterly and answered after seeing me getting this shocked.

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“Although I appreciated your overly-high evaluation, this is just a common conclusion. I saw that controller on the way too. Even though I didn’t buy it because I’m not interested at all, …I can see peasants like you love that.”

“I feel like you can already become a god with inference skills like that.”

I fell speechless. Then, the god in front of me immediately continued.