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“Uh, but that’s why I’m excited right now! Aguri-san, don’t you understand? It’s interesting to check all kinds of games out with a different perspective than usual!”

Hoshinomori and Tendou agreed.

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“Yes, yes! Usually, when I see a game that says ‘online multiplayer is recommended to have fun with everyone’ in the introduction, I’ll quit before considering the content. As for right now, we can finally put those game content into consideration! Nothing is more exciting than this!”

“Chiaki-san is exactly right! Although I, Karen Tendou, don’t play party games that are aimed for families usually, when there’s a precious chance like this, I need to join the selection actively and enjoy the epitome-“

They were debating real hard, yet Aguri still…turned them down casually.

“Will you find an ordinary guy to be the guide of a local sightseeing tour even though he’s only interested in overseas travels?”


After everything the fanatic gamers have said, Aguri used only a single sentence to finish them. …My ex-girlfriend is literally a WMD for gamers…

Those three moaned like zombies for a while. …Finally, they looked at each other helplessly. Amano represented the group and announced their surrender.

“…We’ll choose one or two games on that day…”

“Alright, that’s good.”

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Aguri gave a satisfied smile. Those three plopped their heads down deflatedly. …How should I put it. Honestly, I felt a little bad for them. However, when you brought 10 games excitedly but can only end up playing one, I guess that’s quite pathetic too. The disappointment is for their own good. …Usually, otakus that aren’t used to playing with friends will fall into traps like this. If there’re enough people, their desire to play everything is overwhelming. The expectation for a single party is too high. It will end up with an awkward situation for both the participants and promoters.

(Even though their hearts are filled with pure hope and kindness, it somehow turned into an ending where no one benefits, right…)

It’s just like the situation we’re in. …Sigh, especially love, it’s quite brutal to stop a person from forcefully adding his or her love and expectation on someone else. So, in a sense, this is the awkwardness that everyone has to go through, right.