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High pitched cheering burst out.

Looking at it, many of the female students in the audience were waving to Rose.

Apparently she seems to be very popular among the same sex.

(Well, Rose is cool after all…)

Dignified features characterized by red eyes.

Pinkish silver hair extending tied at the back.

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She’s an extremely weak morning person, but… It might be an attractive weakness depending on how you see it.

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As I was thinking about that, Rose had a warlike smile.

「I’ve been looking forward to this since I lost at the Sword Festival.」

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「I’ve always been looking forward to crossing swords with Rose. Let’s do our best today!」

And when I held out my right hand,

「Of course, I’m going to do just that!」

Rose grasped my hand tightly.

「Now, are you both ready? So the first semi-final match – Begin!」