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Even though we were split up into different groups, this exam still had a surprising variety of ways for students to work with each other.

There were even several rules that facilitated this, such as the ability to share food or lend and borrow equipment to each other. Plus, if two groups had the same Table, they’d essentially have the same destination, so it would definitely be easy for them to stick together.

Of course, there were downsides to this as well. The more groups there were working together, the more difficult it’d be for them to keep pace with one another. Furthermore, each group would have their own opinions and goals, inevitably leading to increased competition for Task participation. This could easily become a major source of conflict if the groups didn’t come up with some sort of contingency plan in case there was only one more space left for a Task.

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In this particular case, you could say that it was fortunate that we didn’t have the same Table. It was absolutely critical that I avoid working together with people that might hold me back, so this had effectively spared me the trouble of having to turn them down.

“There are twelve Tables, so the odds weren’t great from the start. In any case, for now I think I should get to my designated area sooner rather than later.”

“Yeah. We’ve gotta get moving to our next area sometime soon anyway, so go ahead.”

“It kinda sucks though. I hope we can meet up again somewhere when we’ve all got more time to spare.”

Haruka bid me farewell with Airi waving goodbye from behind her. And with that, I turned my back to the three of them and continued my journey to area D7.

After about 30 more minutes of walking, I finally arrived at my first designated area, causing my watch to sound off a few times.

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I took a look at the notification on the watch, which said that I had been given an Arrival Bonus of one point.

I also noticed that I was given the option to adjust the notification volume, but I chose to leave it as-is for now. Just to make sure everything was working properly, I took out my tablet and found a matching record for the bonus in the point transaction history.

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Since each area didn’t seem all that big when viewed on the map, it almost felt like you’d always find yourself running into other students. But once you were actually out on the island, it gave off a completely different impression.

Even if there really were students scattered around you, it’d be difficult to catch sight of them because of all the trees.

Although I couldn’t see anyone around right now, I felt fairly certain that a good number of students were in the area somewhere.

In which case, they had probably gone in deeper, opting to move closer to the area’s center to make it easier to head out to the next designated area and gather information.

I searched for a clearing in the forest with this assumption in mind, and before long, my field of vision suddenly opened up.

Sure enough, a large number of students had gathered together in the same place. The race to the next designated area would be a competition between students of all school years, so it’s understandable that they’d look to raise their chances of winning, even if only slightly. Furthermore, the only way to find out who had the same Table as you was to come and take a look first-hand.

By going through this process a few times, you could get a rough idea of who your direct rivals were.

I took a quick headcount, for a total of 29 people present, myself included. As far as I could tell, it felt safe to assume that there were more students elsewhere in the area.