money growth calculator

money growth calculator

In this day and age, ten thousand yuan per month was considered quite a high salary.

Of course, if Qiao Liang felt inspired and began to take in sponsored partnerships like crazy, he would be able to earn about ten thousand yuan a month as well.

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However, that would be extremely exhausting.

He would also have to rush production of his videos overnight, write the plots seriously, edit the videos, and then have good enough luck to meet rich clients. Maybe then, he would be able to earn that much money.

Comparatively, this job would be much more relaxing. Nothing was expected of him. He would just have to spend eight hours playing Repent and be Saved every day.

Qiao Liang scanned the contract twice and then signed it happily.

“Okay, come with me.”

Pei Qian and Qiao Liang chatted and joked around as they left Tengda’s office building. Little Sun then drove both of them to the nearest Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

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Pei Qian did not plan for Qiao Liang to play in the office. That was because Li Yada and the other employees in the office probably knew about the design of the game. They knew things like which weapon was the best, which route was the easiest, how to obtain the Pudu in the game, and whatnot.

If Qiao Liang played the game in the office, he would be able to discuss it with the other employees if he lost horribly. Once he understood the tips and tricks, the game would seem less difficult for him.

Pei Qian wanted Teacher Qiao to experience what ordinary players would-he had to play Repent and be Saved with zero knowledge and foundation in the game. In order to obtain that game experience, he had to get rid of these influences.

Qiao Liang would be served food and drinks in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. The computers were of high quality, and there were unlimited alcohol and coffee. Teacher Qiao would have nothing to worry about.

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Soon, they reached Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. This was the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe at Handong University. It was a ten-minute walk from Shenhua View. Of course, it was called the Handong University branch, but it was not that close to Handong University in reality. One would have to walk for at least fifteen minutes.

From the beginning—when they were selecting locations for the internet cafe, they avoided areas around universities.

However, this region was considered a busier area. This branch did not have a low turnover to begin with. After what happened with Chen Lei, the volume of business increased more. Now, it was only second to the flagship store, incurring a little loss.