Online talent lottery with a reliable

Online talent lottery with a reliable

For the three short minutes we had, we sat down on the ground and took a break as we waited for the second designated area to be announced.

From where she was seated, Nanase peered at the screen of my tablet. Seconds later, the clock struck nine.


Upon seeing the next area, Nanase looked up at me. It was the second random designation of the exam, but it wasn’t that far away at area J5. It would be a tricky journey if we went through the forest, so we could just head all the way east and travel north along the beach instead.

Even if there were students on our Table who had successfully made it to area H7, it would take them a lot of time to navigate through the forest.

We had more distance to cover, but there was a chance we could surpass our competition in one fell swoop.

When it came to random designations, the fact of the matter was that there was no way to tell where they would pop up.

In this case, we were lucky that it had turned up within a reasonable range.

We immediately resumed our journey without exchanging another word.

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It had been tacitly understood that we would take a path straight to the beach.

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Not even twenty minutes later, we stepped foot on the sand in the northeast corner of I8, and from there, we pushed north along the shore.

As we traveled, we passed through area J6, where we encountered several adults in the middle of setting something up.

I cast them a sidelong glance as we passed through, then opened up my tablet to find that a Task had just appeared here.