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Based on what he remembered, Riot Games was founded in 2006. In 2008, they tried to raise eight million US dollars. Three investors provided them with funds. After that, Tencent bought it over for more than two hundred million US dollars. That happened in 2011.

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According to his memory, LOL was released in 2009.

Now, they were in November 2010. In other words, the company should already have raised eight million US dollars by now.

Pei Qian tried to look online for news about this last year, but he could not find any.

At the time, he did not think much of it. He had thought that this was just another change in the world. After all, even the B-Site had become Aili Island. It would be natural if other companies underwent similar changes.

Pei Qian did not dwell on it either. The company was overseas, and he did not have a network that expanded throughout the world.

Now, Pei Qian finally understood why he could not find any news about this.

The company and game’s names were different now. Riot Games was now Finger Games, and LOL was now IOI. Thus, Pei Qian could not find anything to do with the original names!

Moreover, the entire timeline had been shifted back by two years. Finger Games was probably established just last year. Naturally, there would not be much news about a newly-established company online.

In fact, Pei Qian had wondered how Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games would look like in this world.

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He just never thought that he would find out the answer today and in such a ridiculous manner at that…

However, after scanning the System’s screen, Pei Qian realized that everything was still the same.

The shares worth over two million US dollars should have been considered similar in nature to the villa. As special assets of the company, they should have been displayed on the System’s screen.

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Perhaps this was because the purchase was not complete—not all the paperwork was done. Thus, the System could not formally list the shares as the company’s assets.

Many thoughts were flashing across Pei Qian’s mind. He stared into Old Ma’s sincere eyes, not knowing exactly how to respond at that moment.

Should he criticize Old Ma? Yet, that did not seem right. Old Ma had done exactly as Pei Qian had instructed him to, without missing anything out.