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I can’t help but frown when I remembered Main-san’s overwhelming strength. As for Chiaki, she watched Tendou-san playing the game. “Actually…” She spoke up.

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“…Hey, Keita, do you think that Karen-san can defeat Main-san?”

“Uh, well…”

I fell silent. Chiaki already knew the answer from my reaction alone. “I see…” She plopped her head down for a moment. Then, she immediately looked at Tendou-san, trying her best to play the game again with a smile.

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“I think Karen-san knows this too since she has already fought her once.”

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“…I guess so.”

“However, Karen-san didn’t even complain for a second today. …She’s just playing games cheerfully, energetically, and seriously.”


“I feel like this must be because she believes this is Keita’s happiness on the line. That’s why she’s doing this. Karen-san only uses her maximum power when it’s related to Keita, right.”


“Yes, …Karen-san’s really charming. I mean it.”

“…Yes, too charming. I mean it.”



The conversation suddenly stopped. Strangely, I don’t dislike this silence.

Chiaki started playing with her fingers on her skirt embarrassingly. For a moment, I can’t help but watch her. …Then, I realized her skirt is really short today. So, I quickly looked away. At the next moment-

“Thanks for the wait, Amano-kun, Chiaki-san!”

“I’m really sorry, sir!”

-Tendou-san already finished her game and came to us. As for me, I stood up, straightened my back, and saluted her.