Suitable for online part-time jobs for high school

Suitable for online part-time jobs for high school

Meng Chang knocked on the door and entered the office just as Pei Qian arrived.

“Boss Pei!”

“Let me first clarify that this matter is 100%!a(MISSING)n internal leak. It is definitely not a problem with my publicity plan!”

“We have a contract!”

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Meng Chang waved the little slip of paper in his hand like a creditor holding a debtor. He looked very righteous.

Pei Qian did not pay attention to this over the weekend. He was still a little sleepy in the morning. At that moment, he could not synchronize his emotions with Meng Chang’s.

He made a cup of tea and said, “Don’t rush. Tell me slowly. If it really is a leak, I will definitely keep my promise.”

Meng Chang told him what had happened this weekend. He emphasized that Qiao Liang and Yu Fei had leaked the secret, causing a chain reaction and causing the publicity of the inspiration class to fail.

After a weekend of fermenting, the matter of the works of the authors in the inspiration class being developed by the copyright had already become a hot topic. Especially since “Eternal Reincarnation” was developed as an official sequel to a game, countless authors were jealous and wanted to enter the inspiration class.

The accumulated popularity of Meng Chang’s ugly poster exploded.

According to the current standards, the publicity plan would definitely fail this time. It did not even last two weeks. There was not a single cent commission.

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However, if it was a leak, Boss Pei would have to give Meng Chang 30,000 yuan according to the contract.

This was Meng Chang’s last hope.

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Pei Qian sipped his tea quietly. “You said that the two of them leaked the secret. How exactly did they leak it? Do you have evidence?”