How students make money on online

How students make money on online

Pei Qian had said that he would take full responsibility. He could not bear to see Liang Qingfan’s efforts go to waste if he changed his mind now.

What’s more, this desire for perfection would also raise the cost of the entire experience shop to an extremely high level. For example, the batch of embedded white lights that Liang Qingfan had specially ordered, as well as the long table that was custom-made in the digital area and could integrate all the routes, all of them were not cheap.

Putting aside whether the experience shop would make money or not, they would definitely spend a lot of money.

Thus, after some consideration, Pei Qian held himself back. He looked at Tian Mo again, hoping that he would do his best to fulfill his duties as a salesperson and dissuade customers.

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Tian Mo, on the other hand, gave Boss Pei an extremely determined look, as if saying: I will not let you down!

Most of the areas still needed a few days to be completed, so there was not much to see. After walking around, everyone arrived at the top floor’s food and beverage area.

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On the other hand, most of the arrangements had been completed. The entire dining area was basically divided into three parts.

The outermost area was the snack area and the beverage area. It was mainly for the vendors of the snack market to stay. The seats were relatively further away so that it would be convenient for customers who did not want to eat inside and only wanted to buy snacks or drinks.

They served economical food and beverages inside. It was mainly Fish-Catching Take-Out and Food.Harmony. The price was affordable and the taste was not bad.

The area closest to the glass wall had the best view. It was a high-end food and beverage area. It would adopt the model of a nameless restaurant and transfer some chefs over from there. Of course, it would continue to dig outstanding chefs from all over the country to fill in the gaps.

The entire dining area was spacious, bright, and tidy. It was still minimalistic but the dining tables, chairs, and other decorations made it look more lively. It was similar to the high-end revolving restaurants on the top floor of many buildings.

Everyone was a little tired after shopping for so long, especially Liang Qingfan. He had been introducing the game and had not stopped. Now, they felt a little thirsty.