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Unfortunately, I can’t summon a soul dress.

On the contrary, this is the first time I have ever seen a real soul dress.

As I said so,

「Puh… Ahahahahaha! Hi,hi-hi-… My, my stomach… my stomach hurts…」

She held her stomach and laughed really happily.

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「HaaHaa…Haaaa… To think that a novice who can’t even summon a soul dress, gets to fight me, who is revered as the『Black-and-White Princess』…is unpleasant.」

As I thought that she would continue laughing just like before, she sharply glared at me.

(A princess with a wide range of emotional expression…)

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I’m sure everyday will be fun with her.

And one more thing – I didn’t even want this duel. She coerced me into accepting it.

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However, I predicted that it would be even more cumbersome if I argued here, so I decided to keep my mouth shut.

「Well it doesn’t matter. I will at least acknowledge your courage and guts. ーfufu, don’t think it will end in a moment, alright? I will fry you slowly with low heat, ok… I will simmer, and simmer, and simmer you!」

Unlike her elegant appearance, she seems to have a simple personality.

The gentle and dignified figure that I saw at the entrance ceremony was probably an act.