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In other words, this means that Keisei’s objective was successful.

Moreover, there were large revisions to the content as instructed by the school.

Although there are traces that show attempts at making misleading questions, there are also traces of these questions being forcibly corrected.

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Nonetheless, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to stop our average grade from falling lower than the last midterm exam. If there’s a student who’s behind in their studies, they might end up with 10 to 20 points. Taking this into consideration, the supporting partner definitely needs to take more than 50 points, or preferably more than 60 points, if possible.

If it’s the skilled people in the class, it seems like they’ll be able to pass the 60-point hurdle, but they still can’t be careless.

The largest problem in this situation is the groups of students in the middle like Haruka and Akito. They’ll have to stand firm in this situation. Their weak point, the humanities, absolutely must be defended as if their lives depended on it.

From the seat next to me, Horikita immediately picked up her pen and started on the first question.

Horikita was investing herself into a fight she absolutely couldn’t afford to lose.

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I spun my pen in circles as I thought about what I should do.

Relative to other students, Satō was enthusiastic about attending the study sessions, so I anticipate that she’ll score higher than Ike and Yamauchi. However, there’s also a need to compliment her score with a suitable score of my own.

This time around, individual scores won’t inadvertently raise the classes failing line. So after considering the future, I decided to take the exam on a 60 point basis.

More than that, the important thing is-

I raised my head.

My eyes crossed with Chabashira-sensei who was watching the class from the podium.

However, Chabashira-sensei wasn’t the one I was paying attention to.

Instead, I took note of how Kushida Kikyō was handling the exam in front of her.

Even though the exam had started, there was no indication that her arm was moving. She appeared to be checking something as she went over the questions several times.

She made sure of everything for two or three minutes before she finally began to solve the exam questions.