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By the time I had finished getting ready and stepped foot out of my tent, Ibuki was already nowhere to be seen.

There was little to gain from taking action before the exam started for the day, but I suppose she just wanted to get away from me as soon as possible.

Pei Qian opened the email. En, there were males and females, and a total of twenty-odd of them. Since they were all history majors, there were more females than males. Most of these people’s resumes were clean. Basically, they had not gotten many awards. They did not even have many strong points.

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As for their looks—to put it politely, they were ordinary.

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That was expected. Companies would probably be willing to hire beautiful ladies. Even if they did not have many skills, they would be pleasing to the eyes.

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These were leftovers in July. Basically, they had the following merits:

Their grades were poor, and they did not qualify for postgraduate studies. They had no connections, and nobody could find jobs on their behalf. They had not done any student jobs or worked part-time and could not find jobs for themselves.

All in all, they were perfect!

En, he would really be taking in a bunch of hoodlums this time, wouldn’t he?

Pei Qian was very satisfied. After looking through their resumes, he decided that he would take every last one of them!

There was a particularly apt saying: ‘There is no rubbish in the world; there are only misplaced resources.’

To Pei Qian, these people were appropriately referred to as misplaced resources!

“However, I have to think about what job to give them.”

Pei Qian began to ponder about the positions he had on hand.

Could he send them to the games department?

That wouldn’t be right.

The games department’s framework was largely complete. Their operations were proceeding without any problems as well.

At the very most, these people would be doing odd jobs in the games department. No matter how horrible their skills were, they would not be able to cause real disturbance to the games.