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Zhao Xuming was lost and confused.

Tengda had released an E-Sports promotional video?

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What... has that got to do with what we’re discussing?

Tengda’s promotional video was definitely meant to promote GPL, but hadn’t GPL’s broadcasting rights already been sold? It wouldn’t affect ICL even if it continued to heat up the GPL.

However, Zhu Yan seemed to be saying that this promotional video had a huge impact on ICL.

Zhao Xuming could not figure it out no matter how hard he tried. He could not understand Zhu Yan’s attitude at all. He had a feeling that something had gone wrong.

Zhu Yan did not explain much. He took out his cell phone and found Tengda’s new promotional video, ‘Coming Out of the Cocoon Without Becoming a Butterfly’. Then, he handed it to Zhao Xuming.

Zhao Xuming took it and opened it.

Zhao Xuming became even more confused after watching the first half.

Wasn’t that normal?

The first half of the film was very conventional. It was nothing more than a story about a young internet addict who had overcome many obstacles and embarked on the path of E-Sports. One had to say that there were a few scenes that were very moving. For example, his father’s kneeling had highlighted a kind of parental sadness.

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Similar stories were not uncommon in the E-Sports circle. Many famous E-Sports players had similar experiences when they were young. However, after they achieved success and obtained good results, they would understand each other with their families.

This was the basic routine of ordinary E-Sports promotional videos: first describe how miserable the lives of professional players were, how incomprehensible they were. Then, describe how they could rely on their own hard work to obtain fame, achieve results, live a better life, and even let their originally poor parents live a rich life.

Zhao Xuming looked up at Zhu Yan with a puzzled expression.