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But still – my body was blown away horizontally like a ball.

(What is this… ridiculous strength…?!)

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Defense did not function as a defense…

I spun in mid-air to reduce the impact, and somehow performed ukemi. 1

At the same time, I placed my sword in front of my navel, and assumed Seigan no Kamae.

「Oi Oi… you’re too light, you know!? Are you eating properly… A”a!?」

「…I am eating properly.」

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Defense is useless against this guy.

If so – attack attack attack!

I must not give him the chance to attack…!

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I closed the long distance between us in three steps, and unleashed my specialty, eight slash attack.

「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

In the face of the eight slashes that had become much sharper and more powerful after the fight with Sid-san – that guy yawned.

Immediately after that, both hands, both legs, neck, head, torso, and chest – the eight slashes struck his whole body thoroughly.

Unlike during the fight with Dodriel, every slash was a direct hit.

There was a solid response.

However, none of them dealt any damage.

Far from ripping through the skin, there was not even a scratch.