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What now makes money

Even if you can’t use footwork, you can do this much!

“Eh!? Wh, this is!?”

“Aaaaaaahhh E, Earth, I, I say?!”

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“”””Wow, Ouooooooooooh!!!!””””

『Nuo! Gooooooooo, chiiiiiiiiiiiild! That is the waaaaaaaaaayyy!』

With both feet, I held Mr. Machio’s head firmly and spun around so that he flew diagonally backwards.

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“【Great Demon Corkscrew Head Scissors】!!”

Using the recoil, plant Mr. Machio’s brain into the ground!

With the momentum of the breakthrough, Mr. Machio’s current body, which was further unbalanced, was easily turned inside out by me.

“How’s Thaaaaaaaaat!!!”

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How was it? This was all right, wasn’t it? That’s the right answer, isn’t it?

I’ll probably never use this technique again except in a fight against Mr. Machio.

But I learned it. And made it work.